Portada revelada: Furthermore de Tahereh Mafi

2/01/2016 01:06:00 p.m.

Hola Winters!

Hoy en el twitter de la editorial Penguin Teen y en su pagina de Internet, dieron a revelar la portada del próximo libro de Tahereh Mafi, Furthermore. Este libro saldrá el 30 de agosto.

follows a pale-skinned and light-haired girl named Alice, who lives in Ferenwood — a world where color and magic are inextricably linked. Alice is an outcast among her peers, who are brightly colored and magical. But when she and her new friend Oliver set out to find Alice’s missing father, they must travel to the foreign world of Furthermore, where nothing is as it seems.

¿Que les parece? ¿Ya lo quieren leer?

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